2021 Feb Update: What does the Fox say?

We are excited to share this progress update from the ‘other‘ Fox (Creek) Network!

What’s happening right now?

Harvesting continues as planned, with major machinery and truck movements (18 log truck movements per day!) keeping the top triangle and Croft road busy.

Trails condition?

Trails have been reassessed for further fallen trees/limbs and significant vegetation growth. A huge thank you to the Human Projectiles and Contracted Trail builders for significant Clearing and Slashing works in the past 3 months. This has allowed for effective weeding and spraying to commence, which would normally be left until after harvesting, but to accelerate timelines, the contractors are working safely to perform operations simultaneously. Spraying residue is another reason to stay out of the park.

How much Harvesting is left to do?

Over 23,000 tonnes of burnt timber has now been removed off site, with approx. 7,000t left to go. We are on track for the previously advised re-opening of certain trails by the end of March (yay). Specifics on which trails will be available at the start of March. But open trails are only part of the equation, it’s just as important that access at the top and bottom, for both parking and traffic movement is available safely. As the roads in and outside the network have been significantly chewed up from harvesting machinery (some for the first time in 20 years), these need to be regraded and made safe to allow public access.

What is the next step?

Further Trail remediation and NEW TRAIL planning is in the works. It is important to note that for the very first time, Forestry will be planting AROUND the new trail alignments that are to be established. This is a huge shift in practices and operational approach and big thanks to Forestry for adopting this international model which gains so much for the MTB and trail user experience. Keep an eye on the website and the Fox Creek Bike Park socials for more information on events, trails, development and new facilities in the second half of 2021.

How can I help?

We know the Forest user’s community is keen to get back in there and if we can let the Harvesting team do their work unobstructed, we’ll get access back faster for trail care, building and most importantly Usage! Your local clubs and Vollie groups are all co-ordinating to stand up Trail care days, so get in touch with them to sign up to helping bring Fox back better.