Funding secured for Fox Redevelopment!

We are incredibly pleased and relieved to confirm $2.5M in funding has been secured from the National Bushfire Recovery Fund to help us #buildbackbetter at Fox Creek Bike Park via the Local Economic Recovery Program.

In addition to the countless hours of volunteer and contract work already undertaken we can now kick start official development, including installing ‘next to network’ facilities, (yes, finally toilets!), shelters, parking expansion, a skills park, improved traffic/shuttling management, road surfaces and other items such as fencing and signage.

Our aim is not only for Fox Creek Bike Park to recover from the devastating bushfires in 2019-20, but to enhance the visitation experience as an internationally renowned trails-based destination through:

  • Reinstating the lost trail network and providing long overdue trail visitor facilities (toilets, shelters, etc.);
  • Funding new trail development to align with national and international competition standards;
  • Developing trail-based recreation opportunities throughout Fox Creek Bike Park to reinforce and create resilience for the community; and
  • Creating international-standard event precincts and infrastructure to deliver International and National level events.

Maintaining these goals will bring an enhanced visitation experience, truly living up to the potential we know FOX has to compete internationally as a trails based destination and an event centre of excellence.

We will continue to work with Government and industry on further funding opportunities, which bring value and beneficial impact to the community, the environment and the State.

We know Fox users and supporters will have more questions. Keep an eye on the Fox Creek website for updates in the coming weeks on the plans and the groups involved.

Also go here for information on the Funding program and its recipients.