FOX 2021: April/May update

OMG FOX FTW!  We are fairly sure the secret is out…but if not, then FYI FOX has reopened!

We were relieved and ecstatic to soft-open the park on April 11th with a small but feisty group of trails available. Huge thanks to the many groups that made it happen, including:

  • Human Projectiles
  • Insideline and GESA combined forces trail care days
  • Professional Trail builders
  • BicycleSA for co-ordinating a huge 50+ Vollies strong trail care day
  • ForestrySA Operations
  • ForestrySA Community and Recreation

The work will continue with more trails re-opening each month subject to trail builder’s progress and Trail care days. Please be aware that ForestrySA is providing a ‘phased’ opening of the park across 2021. Many of the Trails will still be closed. The signboards, website and Trail forks will be continually updated, so download the Trail forks app and check the QR codes on the boards before you enter for updates.

In a recent local business forum, Fox was a hot topic with so many pleased to see its reopening and the return of patronage from the users. This work will continue over the coming months to better connect the local businesses with the growth and future of the Park.

Up top on Croft Rd, the new Gravity trails drop off point has been established. This has already proved a hit and will be further formalised with one-way signage and set-down demarcations. Remember, it isn’t for parking, just for unloading those gravity thieves. Commercial shuttles will also be using this drop off point for users to access the black trails.

Vehicle and pedestrian counters have now been installed in key locations around the park, so accurate data can be captured on usage and trends. This data will be immensely important to future funding for the park, and we’ll be excited to share data insights here over the coming months.

May and June will see more professional Trail builders commence work on re-instating, reinforcing and, where necessary, realigning existing trails. This will continue throughout the year and further Trail care days will be critical to bringing the entire trail network back.

The Mawson Trail is also in focus in May, with alignment and adjustment surveying having commenced this week. The Mawson is a terrific asset to the park and the region and will be part of the future visitation and expansion plan.

Upcoming Survey: We’ll be releasing a Volunteer survey to better understand and give back to Vollies that make the magic happen for all users. Please keep an eye out and share this wide. Volunteer feedback will be integrated to the redevelopment and sustainment plan to make the #FutureFox dream a reality.

Open trails are only part of the equation, access at the upper and lower carparks will continue to be improved through minor and major works in preparation for future construction of amenities and better services. Road safety continues to be incredibly important, so please use Fox Creek Road and Croft Road with diligence and with respect to residents and other road users. We are working with Adelaide Hills Council to significantly improve the entry/exit of the lower car park, which will also be completed in stages to allow for access to remain open during works.

We’re pumped about the future of Fox which includes new Trail options, facilities (yes, toilets!) and greater bushfire resilience for the environment and the community.

Your local clubs and Vollie groups are all co-ordinating to stand up Trail care days, so get in touch with them to sign up to helping bring Fox back better.