FOX 2021: June Update

7 weeks since re-opening, Fox is about to experience its busiest month yet and it’s all for the #buildbackbetter future of the park. Here’s what’s happening

June will see temporary closures of parts of the park due to fuel reduction burns and weed spraying operations. Machinery and Forestry personnel will be moving around the park, resulting in rolling zone closures and making it even more important to stay out of the red zones highlighted on the Trailhead mapboards.

Smoke will be visible from in and around the bike park while the burn is in progress, and for several days afterwards. Reduced visibility may be experienced in some areas. Aerial weed spraying will also be carried out across plantation establishment areas of the bike park in the coming weeks. Closures will be introduced while spraying operations are active. All burns are conducted in safe weather conditions, by experienced fire management staff and in accordance with strict guidelines. Public closure signs will be posted at all main carparks and closure announcements will be communicated via our website and socials.

June also sees works starting at the Top triangle carpark. These Site preparations are for the new Fox Trail hub precinct.  These works will reduce parking availability and will re-locate entry whilst earthmoving and tree lopping activities take place.

So, the message is be sensible, be patient and check before you ride.

What’s the latest on the Trails?

When it comes to UP tracks, soon ‘The Guts’ will have some competition 😊.  Work has commenced on Dream Weaver to clear dangerous trees and improve the trail surface. The Foxy Creakers are leading a Trail Care day on the 20th of June to rake and smooth the trail so that it can be reopened from the 21st.   We realise this means less opportunity to enjoy ‘The Guts’ track in full…so in honour of its service to date, stay tuned for the ‘Had a gutful’ Strava Hillclimb comp (have you joined the Fox Creek Strava club yet?) . Prizes will include Fox Creek Bike Park branded merch and swag.

Work started this month on beginning the mammoth task of re-instating Middle Earth. Over the next weeks, a team of three chainsaw specialists will clear the trail to allow for Trail building works to commence later in the month. Middle Earth’s condition means progress will be slow and opening is likely in late August, but we all know the trail is worth the level of effort.

Work has started on The Ducks Guts. Professional trail builders will be working on the trail over the next two weeks with a goal of reopening mid-June. Stay tuned for more progress.

The work will continue with more trails re-opening each month subject to trail builder’s progress and Trail care days. Closed trails are closed for reasons that aren’t always immediately apparent. This includes major risks further down the trail, excavation of fire road intersections that trails cut across and trees that have been assessed as high risk requiring removal.

ForestrySA is providing a ‘phased’ opening of the park across 2021. With each month, less Trails will remain closed. The signboards, website and Trail forks will be continually updated, so download the Trail forks app and check the QR codes on the boards before you enter for updates.

Open trails are only part of the equation, access at the upper and lower carparks will continue to be improved through minor and major works in preparation for future construction of amenities and better services. Road safety continues to be incredibly important, so please use Fox Creek Road and Croft Road with diligence and with respect to residents and other road users. We are working with Adelaide Hills Council to significantly improve the entry/exit of the lower car park, which will also be completed in stages to allow for access to remain open during works.

Upcoming Survey: We’ll be releasing a Volunteer survey to better understand and give back to Vollies that make the magic happen for all users. Please keep an eye out and share this wide. Volunteer feedback will be integrated to the redevelopment and sustainment plan to make the #FutureFox dream a reality.

We’re pumped about the future of Fox which includes new Trail options, facilities (yes, toilets!) and greater bushfire resilience for the environment and the community. Your local clubs and Vollie groups are all co-ordinating to stand up Trail care days, so get in touch with them to sign up to helping bring Fox back better.