About ForestrySA

ForestrySA – South Australia’s plantation and community forest manager since 1875

ForestrySA is a South Australian forest manager, providing access to plantation and native forest in the Mount Lofty Ranges and Limestone Coast.

In the Mount Lofty Ranges, forests at Kuitpo, Mount Crawford and Second Valley provide sustainable softwood production, provide habitat for native flora and fauna and are also home to water catchments.

Their close proximity to Adelaide also makes them a popular place for recreational visitors and facilities, such as Fox Creek Bike Park. Each year, hundreds of thousands of visitors come to bike ride, camp and enjoy hut-style accommodation, bushwalk, horse ride, fossick and take part in a host of organised community events, motor sport rallies and wedding ceremonies.

In the Limestone Coast, ForestrySA manages more than 12,500ha of native forest and facilitates public access to pine plantation under lease arrangement in the Green Triangle forest region. These forests have long been popular for their biodiversity and abundance of natural features, such as native flowers, plants and wildlife, wetlands, limestone caves and sinkholes and provide many recreational opportunities, such as bushwalking and Ghost Mushroom hunting.

ForestrySA’s sustainable forest management program involves the management of 10,500ha of plantation pine in the Mount Lofty Ranges.

As a plantation manager, ForestrySA’s focus is the production of log which our customers convert into a range of structural and non-structural timber products. Most timber is sold to regional domestic markets.

ForestrySA is also responsible for more than 16,000ha of native forest located within South Australia’s Mount Lofty Ranges and Green Triangle regions. These forests are managed and protected for conservation purposes.

All plantation and native forest areas under ForestrySA management are widely used and valued by the community for recreation.

ForestrySA is committed to responsible environmental management of plantation and native forests.

Its Forest Management System is certified to the internationally recognised Australian Forestry Standard for Sustainable Forest Management (AS 4708), administered by Responsible Wood.