Trail Access

Fox Creek Bike Park is NOW OPEN AGAIN to all visitors.

Fox Creek Bike Park is partially and progressively reopening from April 2021

Please obey signage in the park. The trails are being opened in a staged approach and major trail building is still ongoing.

Some trails have now been opened again for visitors to Fox Creek Bike Park. Remarking of trails to help make the area safe again is an ongoing process and major rail building stages are completed. During the next few weeks and months, may we ask that you obey our signage and only ride, run and walk on OPEN trails.

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Current Trail Status

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Do the right thing!

Stay only in the open areas and open trails.
DO NOT ride the closed areas.

ForestrySA is working to re-establish trails as quickly as possible. The project team from Rocky Trail Destination has been working with our crews as well as South Australian Government agencies, Forest User Groups, clubs and community groups and is managing the recovery and operational plan for the area.

ForestrySA acknowledges temporary closure of the Fox Creek Bike Park trails and mountain bike precinct is causing significant impact on visitor access. For your own safety, do not enter fire-affected or closed forest areas.

For your own safety, please do not enter fire-affected or closed forest areas.

While this will take time before all trails can be safely open again, ForestrySA continues to be committed to developing increased new bike and forest use opportunities as a means of boosting forest visitation opportunities.

Rehabilitation of the bushfire landscape will take many years. Native vegetation will likely recover in time through natural regeneration and careful weed management. Recovery will be monitored to assess the need for supplementary planting of native species.

Further updates on the recovery plan will be provided as on-ground works progress.

The forest is closed to the public on declared Total Fire Ban days.

Visit the CFS website for current fire bans and ratings.