Fox Creek Bike Park has two resident volunteer groups that have helped to shape our park over many years. We are grateful the Human Projectiles and Foxy Creakers Women’s MTB Group are part of our team and keen to help shape the future of Fox Creek Bike Park!

Read their stories below.


first started at Fox Creek (Cudlee Creek Forest) around 1993. While most members had previously played darts for many years, it was decided that it might be a bit more fun to go mountain biking instead! Originally the Human Projectiles met weekly (as a minimum) at Fox Creek and primarily rode the Fire Roads while also making use of the Cross Country (XC) and Downhill (DH) trails. In the early days (2002/2003) we assisted BikeSA with the first volunteer drive with the formalisation of the trail network to IMBA standards, this was extremely important for the foundation of the park. The Human Projectiles often cleared fallen trees and branches from the trail network and worked closely with ForestrySA maintaining the Thomas Hill house and other forest infrastructure for the benefit of all users. The Human Projectiles became an Incorporated Association in 2014 and began working with ForestrySA, BikeSA, Adelaide Hills Council, the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing, other Commercial Operators (primarily Destination Trails), MTB and Cycling Clubs and Local Businesses to develop trail development strategies and apply for Grants to improve the park’s trail network in-line with the Park’s MTB Master Plan. Our aim has always been to encourage a greater variety of MTB riders of any age and skill level to use the Park’s trail network and facilities. As part of the Park’s development the Human Projectile’s in conjunction with ForestrySA have performed hundreds of hours of voluntary work during the planning and construction phases of trails and also for the care and maintenance of trails and forest facilities.

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The women’s mountain mike group calls Fox Creek Bike Park their home but will happily ride (and then drink wine) in most other places as well. Our aim is to have fun and our motto “We’re good at other things” fits us well! The Foxy’s love camping, glamping and epic road trips to interstate mountain-biking destinations but Fox Creek is firmly in our hearts wherever we roam. We are not afraid to pick up a shovel and are a support to the Human Projectiles with trail maintenance and sign installation at Fox Creek. The Foxys started out several years ago as a small group of friends who wanted to try something new, get fit and have fun. Over time we have encouraged more women to join and have steadily grown in numbers. We are not a formal club, just a bunch of women who love to ride and socialise. These days we now have a loyal following of blokes (significant others) who tag along – otherwise known as our support crew. In a traditionally male dominated scene, we stand out – but that’s mostly due to our bright clothes and even brighter personalities. The Foxy’s are testament to the fact that you’re never too old to jump on a bike with many of us having taken up mountain-biking later in life, after having not ridden for many years. The Foxy Creaker clubhouse is based at the Anderson Hill Cellar Door Restaurant so if you are passing by check out their club signage next to Anderson’s outdoor fire. In fact, if you look closely enough you may even spot a Foxy Creaker (or two) resting there after a hard day’s ride.